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Considering the significant impact of COVID-19 on everyone across the country, and the high cost of private medical care, MediFin has launched a finance solution for South Africans to obtain emergency medical care, instantly.

MediFin is an independent, self-funded, and approved Financial Services (FSP46701) and Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP8071). It offers a wide range of insurance products and affordable repayment plans for healthcare procedures performed by registered medical practitioners, including dentists, cosmetic surgeons, physiotherapists, optometrists, and many others.

Their unique electronic financing (e-FIN) programme makes it possible for more South Africans to obtain expert medical consultations, get tested, go for a scan, or undergo expensive medical procedures.

People can use it for any emergency medical procedures up to a maximum value of R8,000. Anyone earning a regular salary with a valid bank account and a good credit rating can apply.

Patients can use medical loans to cover an entire procedure or part thereof, which is particularly helpful when their medical aid doesn’t cover certain expenses, or when they do not have sufficient savings.

MediFin’s automated process can help patients apply and obtain loans within minutes and they do not even have to talk to anyone. There is also an easy-to-use loan calculator to get an estimate on monthly repayments.

Why you should join MediFin
As a practitioner, patient wellbeing is a top priority, but at the same token, getting paid on time is essential to the financial health of your business. Many doctors agree that they feel stretched between keeping the practice profitable and giving their patients adequate attention.

MediFin understands that doctors and surgeons are more valuable treating patients than sitting behind their desks overseeing laborious admin tasks. MediFin’s service offering reduces accounts receivable challenges for all medical professionals. The primary benefit offered to all practitioners is direct payment within 24-hours of the patients’ loan being approved.

Other benefits include:
· ZERO costs to your practice
· Reduced financial risk
· Increased cash flow
· Increased profitability
· With their direct payment system, you no longer need to chase payments

As a MediFin partner, you can now rely on upfront payment to the value of R150,000.
Refer your clients to apply for finance as follows:
Instant Emergency Medical Loans up to R8,000 – e-FIN
Medical Loans up to R150,000 – MediFin

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